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PERFO-AK permeable parking
PERFO-AK permeable parking                     

PERFO-AK upgraded car park
PERFO-AK upgraded car park                     

PERFO-SD driveway
PERFO-SD compacted into gravel                

PERFO-SD permeable car parking
PERFO-SD installation into gravel                

PERFO-SD installation into gravel base layer
PERFO-SD permeable parking                    
PERFO-AK anchor tiles are particularly well suited for installation into a granular bedding layer for permeable parking and porous pavement applications.

Typical bedding layers are crushed granite or similar materials.

The bedding layer is usually prepared on top of a suitable sub-base (e.g. consisting of MOT Type 1 material). The depth of the sub-base will depend on the existing ground conditions and expected traffic loads. For regular cars and light vans, a sub-base depth of 10-15 cm should be sufficient. This should be increased for heavier loads or on particularly unstable ground. The PERFO-AK tiles cannot be installed directly into the sub-base. We recommend the preparation of a bedding layer of crushed stone, such as granite, with a depth of approx. 10 cm after light compaction.
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